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Shakou Group always challenges for the further development

Shakou Shoukai, which is the origin of the Shakou Group, was established in 1961 and since then, our company has been continuing to develop by selling the office automation apparatuses, and also by promoting the lease and rental business.

While in that process of development, we founded Nihon F.T.B., the part manufacturing company for the office automation apparatuses, and then, we set up the departments of sales, rental and manufactures as independent companies for the purpose of responding to the customers’ various demands. We always consider our customers as the most priority existence and for the purpose of receiving the complete trustworthy and satisfaction from the customers, we have been making the day-to-day efforts.

Nowadays, all the subsidiary companies, which belongs to the Shakou Group, have been playing the active parts in each field and all the members of the Group have been making the efforts for the future development and eternal progression.

We are always appreciating for the customers’ wonderful supports, so Shakou Group will never forget these grateful feelings and continue to make every effort to be a group which can be trusted by the customers, and also we will contribute for all the citizens, natural environment and society.

To have more favor for a long time in future; we are appreciating you in advance.













Shakou Shoukai Co.,Ltd.

Address: 6-30-6 Higashi Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo

116-0014 Japan



Representative Director: Keizo Kazui

Foundation: October, 1963

Capital fund: 64.5 million Japanese Yen.

Business: To sell the office automation apparatuses, electrostatic sheet and tacklite. The management of apartments on lease and consulting business for each companies of the Shakou Group.

Board members;

President and Representative Director: Keizo Kazui

Representative Director: Ryoukichi Kazui

Director: Mitsuo Yamashita

Auditor: Mitsuhiro Igarashi





September, 1961 Foundation of Shakou Shoukai.

October, 1963   Entity conversion to Shakou Shoukai Co., Ltd.

October, 1963   To establish the business office in Chiba.

April, 1964     Completion of the building of the headquarter.

April, 1969     Foundation of Nihon F.T.B Co., Ltd.

April, 1971     Foundation of the department of lease-Dealing for the copy machine.

July, 1973      Increase of capital to 25 million Japanese Yen.

March, 1974     To establish the business office in Sendai, Miyagi.

July, 1975      Increase of capital to 43 million Japanese Yen.

December, 1976  Completion of the building in Sendai, Miyagi.

September, 1977 Completion of Shakou Building in Nishi Nippori, Tokyo.

June, 1979      Foundation of the building of distribution center in Higashi Nippori, Tokyo.

May, 1980       Foundation of Jyoto Shakou Co., Ltd.

February, 1981  Increase of capital to 64.5 million Japanese Yen.

February, 1982  Foundation of Chuo Shakou Hanbai Co., Ltd.

October, 1983   Foundation of Shakou Diazo Service.

December, 1983  Foundation of Tokyo Shakou Hanbai Co., Ltd.

January, 1987   Tohoku Shakou Hanbai Co., Ltd.

July, 1987      Foundation of Shakou Rental Service Co., Ltd.

July, 1989      Completion of the building of Nihon F. T. B Co., Ltd.

July, 1990      Foundation of Chiba Shakou Rental Co., Ltd.

May, 1994       Foundation of the building of Butsuryu center, Touhoku Shakou Hanbai Co., Ltd.

January, 1996   Foundation of Shakou Rental Co., Ltd.

August, 1996    Foundation of Shakou Butsuryu Co., Ltd.

May, 1998       Acquisition of Matsumura Building.

April, 1999     Acquisition of Kanagawa Shakou Building.

April, 1999     Foundation of Kanagawa Shakou Rental Co., Ltd.

January, 2000   Completion of Shakou Butsuryu Center in Narashino, Chiba.

April, 2000     Acquisition of Ueno Shakou Building.

August, 2000    Foundation of Tokyo Shakou Sales Co., Ltd. by the merger of Jyoto Shakou and Tokyo

Shakou Sales.

July, 2001      Foundation of Shakou Sales Co., Ltd. by the merger of Chuo Shakou Sales, Tokyo Shakou

Sales and department of Business system in Shakou Shoukai.

November, 2001  Foundation of Shakou Rental Co., Ltd. by the merger of Chiba Shakou Rental, Kanagawa

Shakou Rental and Shakou Rental.

January, 2002   Foundation of Apiko Co., Ltd. by the merger of Touhoku Shakou Sales and Apiko Co., Ltd.

June, 2004      Foundation of Shakou Rental Touhoku Co., Ltd. by separating the rental department of Apiko.

June, 2006      Shakou Hanbai head office  and Nippori branch were moved to Shakou Building in Taito, Tokyo

and they were integrated.

October, 2006   Foundation of Shakou Information System by the merger of Taihei Shokou Co., Ltd. and

Core Co., Ltd.

July, 2008      Establishment of Nagoya Branch of Shakou Rental in Aichi.

January, 2009   Foundation of Shakou Rental Sales Co., Ltd. by the integration of Shakou Rental and

Shakou Sales.

October, 2009   Foundation of Shakou Techno Service by separating the department of maintenance of

Shakou Rental Hanbai.

February, 2010  Establishment of the Chuo branch of Shakou Rental Hanbai.

May, 2011       Shakou Rental Hanbai acquired the head office building in Meguro, Tokyo. Kanagawa

branch changed its name to Minami Kanto branch and moved to Meguro with Chuo Branch.

July, 2011      Foundation of Shakou Office Partners Co., Ltd. after the integration of Apiko and

sales department of Shakou Rental Hanbai.

July, 2011      Shakou Butsuryu was integrated into Shakou Techno Service and they moved to Nishi

Nippori, Tokyo. The department of distribution in Narashino, Chiba changed to Narashino


July, 2011      Foundation of Tohoku Business office of Shakou Rental Hanbai Co., Ltd. after the

integration of Shakou Rental Hanbai and Shakou Rental Tohoku.

February, 2013  Foundation of Nihon F.T.B (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

March, 2014     Foundation of Shakou Office Partners Osaki.




You can print out by the laser printer in the office and possible to paste onto the windows at the restaurants or to use as the outdoor signboards! No traces will be remained so available to use at the rental apartments! Furthermore, it can be a poster which can be pasted not only onto the windows but also onto the marbles!

Electrostatic sheet

Just attach onto the flat surface, it will be changed as a whiteboard. There are three colors-white, black and transparent. For example, Static electricity sheets-Black  is available to use as the tool for the party and as the signboard as the menu.




UV-cut sheet 

Just attach onto the windows, UV from outside will be cut off! Effectiveness for the shade, thermal insulation and the afternoon sun. It will be useful during the summer days!


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